The Airstoc Journey – 07 The Future

This is a question we get asked all the time and anyone who has been involved in starts up will know, predicting the future is the same as predicting the lottery results. So many times we have all agreed on a path to take and all believe in it 100% to then change 2 months later as we realise it isn’t working. To be able to then say where Airstoc will be in the future is very hard, however, we do have a vision for the business and ultimately, everything we do, will be striving to achieve the vision.

We have already gone from creating a stock site, to creating the first and largest marketplace for drone pilots. We thought this would be the path we took, but after 3 years, we have realised we need to continue to adapt and change and take onboard all the feedback and knowledge we have accumulated over the years. As a result, we are now launching a brand new platform which is geared towards drone pilots, both hobbyists and professionals.

Welcome to the new world of Airstoc…………

We will still have the same functionality as the old site with the customers being able to purchase stock and hire drone pilots anywhere in the world; that was important for us to keep as we have built up a customer base and a reputation in this field. This also means for Drone Pilots they have more control over stock and can set different licenses and pricing to suit their own needs. However, we have now produced a SaaS business for drone pilots where we even provide a website to them to get started. They can design this website as they like and receive a custom domain name, showcase their work, manage files, upload all their work for storage, write articles and share ideas amongst other pilots as well as quoting on jobs that comes through, plus many more features that we are currently developing and will be introducing in due course.

We offer 3 subscription packages, starting from a free plan for hobbyists who can receive more features if they help promote and grow our site, to a Pro account which is geared towards the professional pilot and then we have the ultimate team plan which is geared more towards companies who have large team and require a system to manage this set up.

There is no doubt that things will continue to change going forward and who knows what Airstoc will be like in a few years’ time, but we want to continue our work and would love to be the hub for all drone related services and that is what we are striving to become.

Please do get involved and come and join us on our journey, it certainly won’t be dull that is for sure.


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