The Airstoc Journey – 06 Gratification

The one thing people always talk about when setting up a business is to celebrate the small wins. In all honesty, I don’t think I (in particular) or we, do this enough. It is so hard at times and everyday can be a really struggle to keep fighting against the tide, and with typically a lot of bad news, when you do receive good news, it is important that you take a money to enjoy it and celebrate it in anyway you would like to.

For us, we had a lot of the stock footage on our site being used for a wide range of productions and it was amazing to see it. I remember the first major production being BBC Comic Relief. They had purchased several clips to use in the main video for the show, however, catching the timing right without watching all 7 hours was tricky.  My co-founders missed it but I was lucky enough to come in from dinner and put the TV on, to suddenly see our clips. It was probably about 10 seconds, shown 5 or 6 times throughout 7 hours but to us that was a huge motivator to have it shown on national TV and to such a wide audience. It sounds silly writing it out but it took so long and so much sacrifice to get to that point, that to see it happening confirmed we were doing something correct.  It gets even more odd when you try to get everyone’s attention and by the time you have, you have missed the part but thats all part of it…well to me it is.

Now we actually have friends, family, contacts and drone pilots getting in touch when they see the name Airstoc come up on the credits or when drone footage is on TV. It obviously is not always us by any means but great to see such a large number of people looking out for our name and letting us know. We have been involved in several shows, some we didn’t even know about until it happens, but they can be anything from adverts, to feature films to high end TV productions.

As we look forward and having learnt so much, one thing we will be doing more is celebrating the small wins, whatever that maybe, however small the win is, we should take a minute to toast, smile, reflect and then get back to it. It gives you a little motivator to keep going and it helps make every sacrifice you have to make on a daily/weekly basis worthwhile.  How you celebrate the wins is entirely up to you.



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