The Airstoc Journey – 03 Where it all Began

Once my co-founder, Andre, had pitched the idea to me one day, we decided that it was best to take the concept on building a Drone Marketplace for Drone Pilots to start Up Weekend in Sheffield. This gave us the chance to try it out on random people and see if it received any interest at all.

As a non tech guy, going to an event based around building a tech business in a weekend was quite scary, but if I had any belief in the initial idea around Airstoc, I had to “bite the bullet” and give it a go.

After pitching an idea of building a Drone Stock Marketplace, we met our other Co-Founder, Manu, who was a developer, which gave us great belief in the idea, and then all of a sudden more people wanted to join our team. Even though we were not entirely sure what we were building, we had lots of interest in the idea, mainly because it was so different to all of the others and focussed on drones, which let’s be honest, is cool.

We ended up winning the weekend event and were automatically entered into the Global Battle where we came 5th in the world, further strengthening the argument to take the plunge, quit my job, and go for it, as my Nan would have said.

Prior to this, Andre and I tried a few different ideas but nothing ever resonated with us in the same vein, and there was just something inside me that got really excited about this. I knew about Drones from Andre and could see the benefits of this technology, and I think when you realise the benefits Drones can provide, it made me wonder just how big this could be, and opportunities like this may not come around again.

My concern was we still didn’t know what we were building, and was our timing correct, were we too early or too late, could we receive the funding we needed to build this into a multi million dollar business, and would we be able to keep the team together to achieve this. They are all very tough questions which you have to ask yourself, alongside the fact I am a not a tech guy, so taking on a tech business with little knowledge of tech made the situation even more confusing. As Christmas was coming up, it gave all 3 of us the chance to think hard about this and if we still felt the same when we met back up in January, we would do it.

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