Pre-Release – DJI Inspire 2

As some of you may know, DJI has recently posted their new video ‘Every Story has an Experience’. Alongside this, images have also leaked suggesting that Inspire 2 will soon be released. Exciting times, right?!

For us techies at Airstoc, the Inspire 1 was an amazing tool. It had the effect of leveling the playing field between old and new drone operators. More importantly, it grew the supply side of the drone services market – a crucial part of our business. All this and without breaking the bank either. Could it get any better?

Well, according to us, apparently so.

In anticipation for the launch of Inspire 2 we’ve put our heads together and turned out some improvements we’d like to see in the next model:

  • Being a better/easier cinematography tool
    • Better cameras Z3 for sure but maybe a new X5+X5R? Probably the Z30 will be too heavy for it still
    • Easier to fly perhaps incorporating many of the features of the P4 and Mavic, such as the forward and downward facing sensors, tap to fly, etc
  • Being as affordable as the Inspire 1
    • or a bonus would be if it was even cheaper, but that is unlikely

Keep your eyes peeled for the event next Tuesday. In the meantime, let us know by dropping a comment below what improvements/features you would like to see in the Inspire 2.

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