Flying an 80MP Camera

When I first touched base with Nikolas from Magic Air, I was impressed that they were flying a PhaseOne 80MP Camera! So I decided to ask more about it.

Magic Air is an aerial company in Norway, based in Oslo. The company deliver aerials from both helicopter and drones. Video and photography.

Everything from Red Dragon and Alexa Mini to Hasselblad and Phase One. One of Magic Air’s solutions make it possible to shoot 80MP Raw photographs from drone. The system and gimbal is built by the Swedish company Aircam, which Magic Air have a strategically cooperation with.

The pictures in this post are from a couple of missions they did for Volvo and Craft Sportswear. Here you can see the Phase One camera in the custom built rig. The signal is sent with an HD link from the drone and down to the photographers ground station.




You can find out more about Magic Air and Aircam on Facebook

Fly safe


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