Are Drones now being used everywhere…

When people think of drones now, they believe they are used for everything. Lots of press, lots of hype around drones and several large businesses such as Facebook and Google getting involved in the drone industry. However, the truth is, the market is still in its infancy. Would many drone companies be able to say that they could not physically take on any more work….I don’t believe there would be more than a handful globally who could say this. Of course there will be many pilots who are happy to do this in their spare time, but business is business and in reality, if the demand was significantly higher, people would embrace this.

With all the hype around drones, as a person who has been involved in the drone industry for over 3 years, you would hope the market was accelerating as highlighted by several key figures. It seems several industries have all adopted the technology but I would say it was more of a flutter than adoption, with projects being undertaken where any other method would be almost impossible. This is a massive shame and waste of this technology, because in reality, the outcome is incredible and drones can offer benefits that were just never thought about in the past.

Media, (TV, Fil, Advertising, Corporate Videos, Video Production), was one of the first sectors to adopt drones, primarily because it soon became apparent of the type of shots you could capture. It filled the void between a ground camera and a helicopter, and capturing shots that were never possible in the past. Plus, it allowed small and medium sized production companies to suddenly incorporate aerials creating a high budget feel, without the expenditure.

Construction and Agriculture I put together because the benefits drones provide are similar. They capture information that can be processed into highly valuable data whether this is surveying a site, producing 3D models, being able to reduce crop damage or increase yields, drones can provide this data. Especially in agriculture where prices are constantly pushed down, farmers need to find ways to maximise yields and reduce losses. These are sectors where you can carry out a direct cost comparison versus results to see if using drones works for you.

Real Estate, Travel and Events can all go together also because drones are used as a clever marketing tool. They are able to capture the surroundings, the facilities and allow the audience to view the respected item in a completely different manner, ideally to help increase sales, conversion rates or grow brand awareness.

Other industries are weddings, parties etc, where they can receive something unique to remember their big day by. With average costs of weddings going up and people going more extreme, there is not many better ways to capture the special day but from the air.

Each sector has a reason to adopt drones, but ultimately it is because of two main advantages – 10x Cheaper and 10x Faster. All the other advantages further strengthen the argument for using drones, but when something is substantially cheaper and infinitely quicker than traditional methods, it must become a no brainer but to use this technology.

I am extremely confident that drones will be heavily utilised in the future, especially in many applications and sectors we are not even considering currently. However, there is a lot of work and educating to do to get to this stage.

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