BTS 19 – Brittany

Another great entry to our Behind the Scenes competition by Simon – SWB Drone Art


This shot was taken during the last summer 2016 in the Cotes d’Armor – Brittany in France. We had organised a barbecue on the beach with my friends. I was enjoying a few beers and the sun was falling on the sea but despite my friends telling me not to bother and serving me more drinks I walked up to my car because I know I would regret not capturing this incredible light from a different angle. So the next minute my Phantom was up in the air hovering over the sea and capturing this beautiful sunset. The sunsets in Brittany are the most beautiful I have had the opportunity to see, offering incredibly rich colours. Enjoy…


I want to thank everyone for participating again and we will do our best to share more of the shots and stories you sent us in coming weeks. Lookout on facebook and twitter for your entry and we’ll try to tag everyone in and show off your amazing work to the world.

If you didn’t participate in the competition but this has inspired you or reminded you of some of your best shots, feel free to send them to us on [email protected] with a brief story and we’ll do our best to share your story with the world and promote your work.

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