BTS 17 – Crossfit

Another great entry to our Behind the Scenes competition by Jose – Sleek Lab


So for this Airstoc BEST drone Shot competition I picked a shot that me and my team did a week ago, it’s a part of a publicity clip for a crossfit team in our home town Coimbra. We had several shots to do and aerial where part of it. So we went to location that we wanted the shot, a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river Mondego and we wanted to do an elevation forward movement of the drone to get a nice revelation shot of the bridge in first then the action of the crossfit team in the middle section of the bridge and finally show the city of Coimbra. We even did to other shots that were not primary one down elevator with the camera vertical to the crossfit team and then a final shot with them running off the bridge.
So yes, it seems pretty easy now it’s done but there were a few things to have in mind: first of all, we were flying above water and that’s always a bit stressful for the drone pilot; second we had to have full communication with the crossfit team in the brigde so that they started their routines only when we were shooting so that they wouldn’t burnout in pain, so for that we had a third team member of our production crew to coordinate this shot over the phone. Also, the day was pretty amazing, some clouds in the morning but then the sun revealed itself in a very pleasant way, that said this perfect Sunday was the perfect day for outdoors sports so we had a lot happening in our scene from: water sports, runners, bicycles everywhere (even a bicycle event near) and even a rotor paraglider was around the scene what made us post pone the aerial shot for a couple of minutes. I guess our final result wasn’t about luck but mostly good team effort to achieve that great shot we wanted for our video.


I want to thank everyone for participating again and we will do our best to share more of the shots and stories you sent us in coming weeks. Lookout on facebook and twitter for your entry and we’ll try to tag everyone in and show off your amazing work to the world.

If you didn’t participate in the competition but this has inspired you or reminded you of some of your best shots, feel free to send them to us on [email protected] with a brief story and we’ll do our best to share your story with the world and promote your work.

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