Rupea Citadel – The Dracula Trip (Day 3)

Brașov – Rupea – Odorheiul Secuiesc – Miercurea Ciuc

I wasn’t sure how to start today’s post so I asked Adrian. He was playing a game with minions and all he could say was “hello…bananaaaa”. Helpful.

Picture2 So, we spent the night in Brașov and the following morning we flew the drone and shot the surrounding area and Rupea Fortress. Rupea Citadel sits on a 500 metre hill and has stood, in some form, since 1324. Throughout its history it provided protection for the Saxons on many occasions; against Hungarian King Charles Robert of Anjou and invasions by the Turks. It also served as a refuge for its citizens during the plague of 1716.

I was happy as I had time to take a few pictures, and Adrian didn’t object!


After this amazing citadel we visited Odorheiul Secuiesc, the second largest city in Harghita Country. It’s a nice spot: the streets are narrow, the traffic is really slow and the buildings of the old town are beautiful, almost like gingerbread houses. We did a few flights with our drone and left the city for Miercurea Ciuc. We spent the night there, in a bank. During one of our trips last year, I told Adrian we were like Bonnie and Clyde, and I would really like to make a movie about us robbing a bank. We didn’t rob the bank, we didn’t make the movie, but we did spend the night there. It was the branch of a Romanian Bank and the accommodation was kinda cool.


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