Saxon Transylvania – The Dracula Trip (Day 2)


A slight change to our plan. We had hoped to go to the Sphinx, but the cable car was broken. Unable to carry our video equipment up to the top on foot, we decided to go to Bran instead and return to shoot the Sphinx at the end of our trip.


So, we headed to Bran to shoot Dracula’s Castle. It’s a wonderful place to take pictures and UAV videos, with a breathtaking aerial landscape. Alexandra, as usual, wanted to stay a little longer to take pictures. She asked me to stand next to a tree so she could take a few pictures of me, but I told her we didn’t have enough time for playing around, plus I wasn’t in the mood for posing. That went down well. She got a little mad, took her camera and stormed off. I wanted to buy Transylvanian cheese and sausages but that was vetoed. When we got back to the car she was still a little mad, and I was a little sad, because that cheese looked damn delicious. But in the end, all was well.

We left for Râșnov Citadel and after that we went to Brașov, one of the seven walled citadels of Saxon Transylvania. The weather was wonderful, the light was perfect and it was a great flying day. We took a break for coffee in Brașov at a really nice place called “For Sale” (highly recommended if you find yourself in the area). The walls were papered with business cards and bills from different countries, the music was a combination of chilled, jazz and hard rock and the menu made us laugh. The guy from the bar served us grapes and we chatted about League of Legends and other video games.

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