Peleș Castle – The Dracula Trip (Day 1)

Bucharest-Peleș Castle-Bucegi Mountains-Tătarului Gorges-Padina-Ialomița Cave.

It would have been a great day for drone pilots, except for the fact that permission is required to shoot at Peleș Castle. We spent almost an hour trying to obtain this, but were defeated by bureaucracy and had to leave. We managed to ‘steal’ a few shots before the first police officer came though…

We were flying over the area near Piatra Arsă and we came across a flock of sheep. They were frightened by the drone and started to run, and the shepherd threw down his hat and said something that roughly translated to, “Dude, you with your drone, are scaring my sheep!”. Adrian asked him if he wanted us to bring the sheep back, and he started to round them up using the drone. The shepherd was amazed; and we had discovered a surprise addition to the list of drone services.


It’s a wonderful experience to be able to travel and work around the country…especially when your partner is as crazy as you are. For instance, when we walked through the forest to Lalomița, we were holding hands, whilst jumping and singing: “This is the way we go to school, go to school, this is the way we go to school, early in the morning”. Maybe you had to be there.

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